The Outlander Effect or (in Gàidhlig) “Buaidh Outlander”

 Outlander and Scottish tourism

Now that a premiere date for Outlander has been announced, we are slowly yet surely seeing press coverage about the series tick up. One such article published recently got me to thinking. Outlander already has a large and loyal fan base. What impact has there been, if any, on Scotland’s economy and culture? And what can we expect to change after the series starts airing?

First, let me start with the article that intrigued me, published by a site called “We Love Soaps, who bill themselves as the “World’s biggest champion of scripted, serialized storytelling on TV & the web.” I guess the Outlander TV series does fit that description, although I would never call it a Soap! The bit of the article to catch my eye was this:

The fervent on-line fan base totals over a half-million and when the ‘first-look’ photo of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser posted on the Starz social channels, it outperformed other introductions of lead characters for properties such as The Great Gatsby (Gatsby), Hunger Games (Katniss), Game of Thrones (Ned Stark), and NBC’s Dracula (Dracula). Additionally, when Sam was cast as Jamie Fraser, the fans took it upon themselves to make their voices heard and put him on E! News’ “Hottie of the Week” charts two weeks in a row (which is very rare, if not unprecedented). In addition, #Outlander trended (was one of the top ten things being talked about on Twitter) numerous times during NY ComicCon.  Starz Summer 2014 New Series: ‘Power’ and ‘Outlander’

It is apparent the size and fervency of the Outlander fan base has already been noticed and its impact noted. One example is the recent Twitter trending event held on May 19 for #WorldWideTVNeedsOutlander. The tag trended globally and the fact was highlighted in the introduction of Outlander during the L.A. Screenings event for international TV buyers that same day. You can see Diana Gabaldon author of the bestselling Outlander series of novels — tweet about that here:

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Scots Music recommendation for March 3, 2014 – CAPERCAILLIE Islay Ranters Reels 1992

I felt that today I needed something to break me out of my post “up way too late watching the Oscars” fog this morning, so I’ve gone with a purely instrumental number by Capercaillie, a well-known Scottish folk band. Personally, I think if you can sit still and not tap at least a toe while listening to this number, you’re not really awake yet at all and you should head directly to the nearest Starbucks for more coffee. I hope you enjoy!

CAPERCAILLIE Islay Ranters Reels 1992

Thanks to Àdhamh for the suggestion and all the hard work he’s been doing on behalf of all us Outlanders!


Gàidhlig music recommendation for February 17, 2014 – Capercaillie – Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda

Today’s musical treat is courtesy of Àdhamh:

Capercaillie is a well known Scottish group that is currently in their 30th year of existence. You can find all the latest info on the band at their web site.  The video below is a double treat. Not only is the music wonderful but it has been put with spectacular scenery as well.  Not a bad way to start a Monday! The title of the song, Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasta, translates to “Alexander, son of gallant Coll”.

Capercaillie – Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda