Updated 6/30/14 : So what is your ‘Official Outlander name’ in Gàidhlig?

Àdhamh Ó Broin (@an_comhghallach) has most kindly been running an Outlander Fan name translation service via Twitter. ;-)  Just find your name below and then use your imagination to hear Àdhamh saying the following in his best ‘How to Speak Outlander’ voice:

 “Say it with me,  __insert your Gàidhlig name here__ . You now have your own official OUTLANDER name! Latha math leibh!”

As I see new names come across Twitter, I’ll add them here. If there is no pronunciation guide, then it is pronounced the same as English. Also, keep in mind that because some of our more modern names don’t truly exist in Gàidhlig, what is given here is an approximation using the equivalent Gàidhlig spelling for the English sounds.

Abagail /AHbagle/ – Abigail  ‘gle’ like in waggle

Àdailin /AHdaleen/ – Adeline

Alàna / / – Alana

Àlasan / ALison – Alison

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How to speak Outlander Lesson 4: Laoghaire and Geillis

In Lesson 4, Àdhamh is kind enough to introduce us to Nell and Lotte for lessons in how to pronounce some challenging character names. Hmm is that challenging as in ‘hard to pronounce’ or challenging as in ‘We love to hate them.’ I’ll let you decide. Either way proper pronunciation would be very helpful.

P.S. I see still more people I recognize from the LA event!