Outlander Episode 304 – Of Lost Things – All the Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

So, has everyone recovered yet from this week’s heartbreaking episode? I was greetin’ so hard there towards the end that it took 3 viewings and multiple people pointing it out to me on Twitter to recognize that there was even Gaelic in this week’s offering from the Outlander Writers’ Room. However, I’ve dried my tears, consulted the oracle and have the below translation to offer.

48:47  Jamie to Willie after calling him a wee bastard

Na bith còin, a bhalaich. Bithidh e glè cheart. – Don’t cry, my lad. It’ll be quite (i.e. all) right.

10 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 304 – Of Lost Things – All the Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

  1. I am tickled plaid that this season is so true to the books! Even some of the dialogue is straight from Diana’s own pen. It has driven me crazy, as a book fanatic, that so many things were completely changed or omitted in prior seasons. Kudos to Mr Moore for perhaps listening to die hard book fans? Whatever the reason it is a joy to watch the words come to life on my tv.

  2. Priscilla Schneider

    Does anyone have a full translation of episode 1, season 1 when Claire arrives with Murtaugh at the caittage and they discuss her in Gaelic?

  3. In 309, The Doldrums, Claire and Jamie reconnect in the ship. Afterwards, Jamie says something in Gaelic after his comment “I like the gray”. Can you decipher it please?

  4. Christine Jannetto

    Thank you very much for this. Do you know what Jamie said to Willie when they were in the room, when he baptized him and spoke in Gaelic there too? I’ve been looking for it forever. Thank you very much.

  5. Thanks for doing this! I only discovered the show recently, and your website has been a wonderful resource!

    Will you ever continue on with the rest of the episodes??

    Thanks so much!

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