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This blog is intended to help promote the understanding of Gàidhlig and also share the tidbits tweeted by Gàidhlig expert to the Starz Outlander Production, Àdhamh Ó Broin.

12 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Your site was recommended. Much appreciate your work. Was hoping to find the Gaelic for Jamie’s comments to Column prior to taking Laoghaire’s beating in the Great Hall.

  2. Heather Benjamin

    Thank you so much for this blog. Love the translations! Have you heard Bear Mccreary ‘ song “dance of the Druids”? I have been trying to decipher the words i believe are galic in the third line of music. The other words are translated at http://sacred-texts.com as the Duan Na Muthairn. I believe the 3rd line is an addition by Bear. I would love to know what the galic words are if you have time. Thanks again for a very informative blog and I hope you keep going.

  3. In Ep 16 when Claire says to Jamie that she is will to die with him right now, he raises his hand up and says something like – and excuse my translation…. moneh n dharm. He also says that after he vows never to raise a hand against her again – what does this mean.

  4. Mandy , Have you seen the deleted scene in the Reckoning where Claire and Jamie come to their room at the Castle after Jamie receives that cold reception from Collum when they first return married ? Have you been able to translate that comment Jamie makes in the bedroom after Claire says she ‘s not sure she approves of their marriage eithrr . After Jamie says it Claire says “I know what that means” and Jamie storms out of their bedroom in a huff.,If you havent seen this yet I can post it somewhere for you .

  5. Can you guide me to the Episode called Faith from Season 2. (especially the grave scene, Jamie says something at the opening of that scene)……or any of the episodes from Season 2.

  6. I love this blog. It adds just that much more to the show. Can you help? I can’t find anywhere what Jamie said after he found that Fergus stole SAWNY. It sounded like fesan vah.
    Thank you for taking your time to do this for all of us.

  7. Well, sadly, the blog doesn’t appear to be currently active, but since it’s here, I’ll try anyway. My question goes a long way back (I’m relatively new to Outlander) to S1 E7 The Wedding. When Claire and Jaime emerge from their room to the cheers and joking from below, Jamie says something that closed captioning translates as “bit of a curse and give us some peace”. Since that phrase makes no sense and I don’t trust closed captioning, I was wondering if he said something in gaelic that CC is mis-translating? I’m wondering if it could possibly be “buidheachas”, which would make more sense to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Cathy, I couldn’t tell exactly what Jamie was saying right there either. I’ve gone back and listened again and I still can’t tell. Unfortunately Starz didn’t start publishing the scripts until season 3, so there’s nothing written to go back to.

  8. This also is a belated appeal to see if you are still active?I have just discovered your blog, having discovered the Outlander TV series in 2020 and subsequently become hooked on the books. I will read what I can from your archives and follow your suggestions for pursuing Gaelic as my study of this language is presently restricted to book learning..
    Alison Stewart

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