Outlander Scottish Press Day roundup – Hint Sam speaks in English to BBC Radio

I don’t often post the general Outlander TV series related news but I figured today would be a good exception since most of the articles are calling out the attention paid to Gàidhlig language and culture in the production. I’m also including a link to the BBC Radio Nan Gàidheal program Aithris Na Maidne.

The Scotsman

The first article released yesterday was from The Scotsman. It’s a bit filled with hyperbole for my taste. The author makes it sound a bit like 2000 Outlander fans have been storming Doune Castle. Àdhamh isn’t credited as the Gaelic coach in this article but they did talk to Sam a bit about it and he highlights the Gàidhlig being an important part of the story. I am a bit worried now about exactly how bad Jamie’s scars are going to look after this quote from Sam:

Heughan, who admitted he has had to die his hair red for the part, said: “It feels like I get beaten up in every show. I do have hundreds of scars in the show. My whole back is covered in them. It looks really gruesome. We did a shoot last week when there was a crowd of extras there and people were almost passing out when they saw them. They look amazing.”

You can read the entire The Scotsman article here.

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Translation now available for the Scotsman Outlander article originally in Gàidhlig

Taing mhór to Àdhamh for posting the translation of the Outlander article published in Gàidhlig in The Scotsman on his Facebook page. Also, many thanks to Seonaidh Caimbeul for the English translation of the article that he wrote. I’m pleased to see that at least some of the words I picked out from the Gàidhlig version turned out to be correct!


Togaibh gu daingeann i ’s bithibh rith’ bàidheil, Hi ho ro togaibh i, suas le Outlànder . . .

Quote from lyrics of well known song encouraging people to speak Gaelic but in this instance the word ‘Gàidhlig’ is replaced with ‘Outlander’.

Raise her up determinedly and be kind to her, Hi ho ro, raise her up, vive Outlander.


In the new television series Irish actress Caitríona Balfe plays Claire Randall and Sam Heughan from New Galloway plays Jamie Fraser.

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Now even Gàidhlig speakers can read about Outlander!

Unfortunately, I am not yet one of them. I have been able to pick out a few tidbits.

The caption under the photo seems to reference something about Irish Actress Caitriona Balfe who is Claire Randall and Sam Heughan from New Galloway
who is Jamie Fraser.

The rest of the article, I can only pick out a few words.  I do see references to 18th and 20th centuries, young Scot and Diana Gabaldon’s 25 million books sold. There are also references to Ron D. Moore, Klingons and Star Trek. And lastly, there is a quote from Àdhamh that seems to reference something about the Gàidhlig.

I have sent a Tweet to Àdhamh asking if he can summarize for us in English, but I know he and the cast are very busy filming on location at the moment. However, I will post as soon as I get a good summary or translation.