Outlandish Gàidhlig Glossary

The full Outlandish Gàidhlig Glossary can be found here: Outlandish Gàidhlig Glossary

The document is a living document and will continue to be updated periodically with info from the blog.

3 thoughts on “Outlandish Gàidhlig Glossary

  1. Great site! Fell in love with the Outlander series years ago. Now I get to hear the proper pronunciations for all the Scottish Gaelic via the eye candy show! I was wondering the proper way to translate “Daughter of my Heart.” The best I can guess is Nighean mo chridhe, but I can’t find anything online to translate phrases. Am I close?

  2. It’s too funny that the only ‘weather’-related words translated into Scots Gaelic are also the least likely:

    blàth ‘s tioram” /blaah’s tchirum/ warm and dry


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