Outlander Episode 208 – The Fox’s Lair – All the Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

Fàilte gu Alba a h-uile duine! (Welcome to Scotland everyone!) If there was anyone who was not sure of the main locale for the rest of the season, the change in the main title sequence should remove any doubts. Not just that, but the baroque arrangement of the Sky Boat Song has been altered in favor of a much more Celtic version complete with drums providing the illusion of cannon fire in the last verse and then melting into the very martial sound of snare drums as the episode proper opened.

And is it just me or did everyone breathe a little bit easier now that the show and our favorite couple are back in the familiar surrounds of Scotland? I’m expecting the Gaelic to be a bit more plentiful now and this episode sure didn’t disappoint. We had, in my opinion, the most beautiful Gaelic scene since episode 116. Thanks for everyone’s patience as I worked to make sure that I got the Gaelic translation correct for what actually made the episode’s final cut, and not just what was in the script.

Let’s get right to it.

4:16  Jamie to Ian after receiving the post

Taing dhut – Thank You

4:41 Jamie curses reading the letter from Paris

a mhealltair mhallaichte –  ‘Cursed deceiver’ (Hard to translate directly. This is my best attempt.)

12:38 Jamie to baby Catrìona

Na dìochuimhnich…. – never forget

Shin u…. a ghràidh…. Catrìona ….  – love… Catherine…

mo bhràthair Uilleam, mi fhéin, Sorcha. – my brother William, myself, Claire

Tha sinn san fhiodh, sa chloich…. – We’re in the wood, the stone…

agas ann an gach fuaim ‘s fàile an àite seo… – And in the sounds and smells of this place…

‘s e an obair sin, a chaileag, gum fàs u làidir agas sona…. – Your role, wee lass, is to grow strong and happy…


18 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 208 – The Fox’s Lair – All the Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

  1. Nancy, northern CA

    Lovat insulted his son twice. Copied them down from the Starz episode script on http://www.outlandercommunity.com Any chance they make any sense to you?
    Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat to his son (per tv script):
    “Ye gleikit sumph.”
    “Then sit down, ye mealy mouthed wee smout!”

    • Ye gleikit sumph.” Mean you stupid lump ……gleket is scots slang which we use constantly ….just means ugly or stupid
      “Then sit down, ye mealy mouthed wee smout!”

      A mealy mouthed wee smout is ….again slang ,sit down small man nobody cares about what your saying

  2. I wanted to ask I am looking for the Gaelic prayer Jamie said to Claire in Vengance. I want to learn the Gaelic words. Where could I find the prayer to learn the words in Gaelic.

  3. I love the beautiful things Jamie says to the baby. I didn’t catch the baby’s name while watching the episode originally! What he says reminds me of the song Breaths by Sweet Honey in the Rock.

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