Welcome to Great Scot! An Outlandish Gaelic Glossary

Welcome to my new blog! I’m happy to have you here.  For a while I’ve been looking for a way to add to the Outlander blogosphere but wanted to wait until I found an area that wasn’t already being expertly covered by some of the excellent existing blogs.  (Look for the Links section for some of my favorites.)  I think I’ve found that area in capturing and sharing some of the Gaelic tidbits coming out of the Starz Outlander production. I’m really hoping that once Outlander starts airing this summer that there will be a renewed interest in Gaelic on both sides of the Atlantic and all around the world.

Gaelic is a very complex language with a fascinating history, that in many ways, mirrors the history of Scotland itself.  Hopefully, over the life of this blog, I’ll have the chance to share some of this history and any other interesting things I discover.  I’ll also be sharing Gaelic tidbits from Àdhamh Ó Broin, the Gaelic expert to the Starz Outlander production. Àdhamh is the lucky guy getting to teach Sam Heughan and the other actors how to speak like 18th century Highlanders!

Please be sure to leave feedback as more content is posted.  Also, if there is any aspect of Gaelic that you are particularly interested in, let me know! I love to do research and learn new things.

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