Cape Bretoners rally against the addition of ‘Royal’ to their Gaelic College

I don’t get political as a rule, but I think this is very interesting to see how many antagonisms between Scots descendants and the Crown still exist. By the way, the Gàidhlig College in St. Ann’s is a fascinating place to visit if you are ever in Cape Breton. They do wonderful work helping to save and continue Scots traditional language, crafts and music.

National Post | News

What you need to understand, says Allan MacMaster, son of Buddy, the famous Cape Breton fiddle player and, most pressingly, a product going way, way back, of Scottish Highland settler stock — of the Gaels — who were brutalized by the English and then booted out of their country some 250 ago and landed in Cape Breton and carved out a hardscrabble life in a hardscrabble land, is that the MacMasters, the MacDonalds, the MacKenzies, the MacDonnells, the Campbells and the Camerons and the Rankins and the rest — never forgot where they came from.

And they still haven’t forgotten, because what you need to understand, says Mr. MacMaster, the Progressive Conservative MLA for the Cape Breton riding of Inverness, is that the past is always present on Cape Breton’s rocky spine. The place has a history that seeps through the soil, bandies about the wharves and the living rooms and the…

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