Gaelic Baby Talk – 1

I ran across this fascinating list of Gàidhlig terms to do with babies and children and thought Outlanders might be interested.

The Virtual Gael

Our home is one of the very few in the US in which Scottish Gaelic is being spoken to a child. Having learnt this wonderful language in Scotland as an adult, and expanded my vocabulary somewhat while living in Nova Scotia, teaching it to a child and using it in informal, daily settings is a real challenge. I believe that there are important cognitive, cultural and ethical reasons for raising a child bilingually, especially with a minoritized, indigenous language (as more fully articulated by others such as in this article).

While there are a few resources of which I’m aware that offer some terms and phrases, it seems to me that there are huge gaps in what’s easily available to those of us who are attempting this challenge. I would be glad to be pointed towards useful collections of Gaelic materials, if they exist, but I have exhausted the…

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