Great Scot! music for March, 14, 2014 – Runrig – Alba

I had a request for Runrig as our musical selection for the day and am happy to oblige. I was first introduced to Runrig by a dear friend in Cape Breton who is a huge Runrig and Bruce Guthro fan and I really enjoy their music.  Although an older song, I thought this particular track was truly appropriate for the Great Scot blog for several reasons.  First, it’s all about Scotland (Alba). Second, the lyrics in the video are presented in both the sung Gàidhlig as well as the English translation.  I find this very helpful both for knowing what the lyrics of the song mean and also to help fix the sounds of the Gàidhlig words in my mind.  I’m a very visual learner and adding music makes it  easier for me to remember things. I used to memorize formulas in school by setting them to music in my mind.  Hmm, maybe I should try singing my Gàidhlig lessons?

I hope everyone enjoys today’s music!

Runrig – Alba

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