#AskAdhamh Twitter Q&A Transcript

I hope many of you had a chance to take part in the great Twitter Q&A that Àdhamh did on the @Outlander_STARZ twitter account today, but if not, here is a transcript.

 #AskAdhamh Twitter Q&A

1:30 pm ET/10:30 pm PT/6:30 pm GMT

Àdhamh Ó Broin @An_Comhghallach

@Outlander_Starz I will be joining u all in about 15 mins for a blether about all things Gaelic and Outlander! Speak to you then! #AskAdhamh

Luke Dringoli @ldringoli

Happy Wednesday! Our #Outlander @twitter chat with on-set Gaelic coach @An_Comhghallach begins in t-minus 5 on @Outlander_Starz. #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

Ready, #Outlanders? The #AskAdhamh tweet chat is starting now!

Outlander Addiction @OutlanderAddict @

Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach When did you first start to learn Gaelic, and why?

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@OutlanderAddict I had the desire to delve deeper into what it means to be Scottish and into the soul of this country #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@OutlanderAddict I was not disappointed in what I found. I think the story and production capture so much of that 🙂 #AskAdhamh

Outlander Addiction @OutlanderAddict

@Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach What is your favorite Gaelic expression or phrase that you tend to “overuse”?

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@OutlanderAddict Gasta! (great!) pronounced just as it looks 🙂 #AskAdhamh

Julie Pewe @JuliePewe

@Outlander_Starz how frequently is Gaelic spoken by the general population in Scotland today? #AskAdhamh

                Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@JuliePewe Infrequently I’m afraid to say! But I think we’re going a long way to raising the profile of the language with OL 🙂 #askadhamh


Outlander Addiction @OutlanderAddict

@An_Comhghallach #AskAdhamh How’s Sam doing? Is he a quick learner?

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@OutlanderAddict An incredibly quick learner with a sharp mind and a passion for learning about the language. He’s fantastic! #AskAdhamh


Felicity Dodson @IslandAg

@Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach what do you hope the series will communicate to the world about Scotland? #AskAdhamh

                Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@IslandAg The producers have gone to great lengths to portray my beloved nation in the best possible light. I’m a proud man 🙂 #AskAdhamh


Laura Carmichael @LallybrochLaura

@Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach Have you worked on film or TV production before? What’s it like getting started with the team? #AskAdhamh

                Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@LallybrochLaura Ha-ha, not really, actually! Little bits and pieces here & there but nothing like this! Took a while to get my #AskAdhamh

                Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@LallybrochLaura head around it but everyone’s been so patient!! 🙂 #AskAdhamh


Andrea Lingle @alingle

@Outlander_Starz what’s your favorite Gaelic lullaby? #AskAdhamh

            Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@alingle “Thug mi ‘n Oidhche ‘Raoir san Àirigh” -I spent last night at the sheiling #AskAdhamh the lyrics were originally pretty racy! 😛


CatrionaL @MrsLJnr1

@Outlander_Starz what’s the most difficult aspect of Gaelic to pick up? #AskAdhamh

            Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@MrsLJnr1 The “blas” (taste, ie accent). You have to sing while you speak with this language! 🙂 Spelling once used 2it easy! #AskAdhamh


Alicia Wheeler @NovelStrumpet

@Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach how much do the Gaelic languages differ? Like Scots vs. Irish vs. Welsh? #AskAdhamh

            Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@NovelStrumpet Welsh, Cornish, Breton = sisters Scottish, Irish, Manx = sisters | each group = cousins of the other 🙂 #AskAdhamh


Foxy Sionnach @FoxxyJ73

@Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach #AskAdhamh Are you around when filming to correct pronunciation or do you just coach them beforehand?

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@FoxxyJ73 Yes! I’m there every time there’s any Scottish Gaelic at all, so get to be around all the sets which is magic 🙂 #AskAdhamh


Lisa Sackda @LiSackda

@Outlander_Starz What’s sexier…French, Italian or Gaelic??? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@LiSackda Oh really! There is no contest! Scottish Gaelic all the way 🙂 x #AskAdhamh


Outlander @Outlander_Starz

Let’s make this even more fun! Send me some of your names and I’ll translate them as close as I can into Gaelic. Ready… go! #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@Yvanicaty OK, my name first, then everyone else! 😛 Àdhamh /AHgiv/ there ye go té na gàire briagh! x #AskAdhamh

 GinaD @GinaD12  – Gina #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@GinaD12 Is that short for anything? 🙂 #AskAdhamh

Angie @AngRae7 – @Outlander_Starz Angie. #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@AngRae7 Aingeal /ANyel/ 🙂 #AskAdhamh

Jeanne Earley @Jeannenme – #AskAdhamh Jeanne Marie

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@Jeannenme Sìne Màiri /sheene* MAAri/ *like the last ‘e’ in ‘the’ #AskAdhamh

GinaD @GinaD12 – @Outlander_Starz no, just Gina 🙂 middle name is Rochelle #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@GinaD12 Ròisin /ROsheen/ #AskAdhamh

Diana Gabaldon @Writer_DG – @Outlander_Starz Diana? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@Writer_DG let’s keep it the same spelling and sound it Gaelic! Diana /JEEana/ how does that grab ye, a ghràidh? 🙂 x #AskAdhamh

Diana Gabaldon@Writer_DG

@Outlander_Starz Perfect! Especially like the keeping the spelling part.<g>

Poolak Forutanpour @LadyPoolak – @Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach Btw, my name, Poolak is Farsi and it means “sequins” #AskAdhamh @Heughan “say it wi’ me,” Poolak!

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@LadyPoolak @Heughan no translation, but goes into Gaelic orthography beautifully: “Pulag” even has fem suffux ‘ag’! 🙂 #AskAdhamh

Fernanda da Silva @Fefe0102 – @Outlander_Starz My name is FERNANDA , is it hard to translate? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@Fefe0102 no equivalent, but let’s Gaelicise it! Fearnànda -pron the same 🙂 #AskAdhamh

OutlanderItalianFans @OutlanderItaly – @Outlander_Starz We’re 4 girls here, curious to know our names in Gaelic: Monica, Francesca, Lilly & Tania! #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@OutlanderItaly Let’s Gaelicise you girls! Mònag /MAWnak/ Frànca /franka/ Lilidh /lilly/ Tàinia /tania/ ciao! x #AskAdhamh

 Kris Weinand @KrisWeinand – @Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach Meredith Kristen #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@KrisWeinand Kristen = Cairistìona /karisTCHEEona/ 🙂 #AskAdhamh

Paul Suggett @thesooj – #AskAdhamh How about a man’s name? Paul Michael

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@thesooj Pàl Mìcheal /PAL MEEchle/ good name! 😉 #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

@thesooj the ‘le’ in the pronounciation like ‘le’ in “tickle”! 😛 #AskAdhamh

adeline remy @adychou – @Outlander_Starz #AskAdhamh How would you say Adeline in Gaelic? Very interesting chat btw 😉

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@adychou let’s Gaelicise you! Àdailin /AHdaleen/ #AskAdhamh


Diana Gabaldon @Writer_DG

@Outlander_Starz Just finished writing up the Acks for the new book–you feature therein <g>, along w/ the two Cathys. #MoranTaing


Nadene @nlcmcneill

@Outlander_Starz Love you in the speak #Outlander videos! Will there be more?! #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@nlcmcneill Oh we have a whole bag of fun up our sleeves! Stay tuned 🙂 #AskAdhamh


Diana Gabaldon @Writer_DG

@Outlander_Starz Have you read Michael Newton’s THE NAUGHTY LITTLE BOOK OF GAELIC? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@Writer_DG I have heard from a reliable source that it’s very good, so u know where to go for some Gaelic nasties! ha-ha 😉 #AskAdhamh

Diana Gabaldon@Writer_DG

@Outlander_Starz Indeed I do; Michael’s generously given permission for me to use one of the more memorable poems in #MOBY. <g>


Linda-OutlanderFans @lsdragonfly1

@Outlander_Starz #AskAdhamh I am sure you are very busy with the show,do you still have time for your music

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@lsdragonfly1 I love being here so much that the sacrifice is worth it, but am defo hoping to get back to it eventually! 🙂 #AskAdhamh


FabCamilla @FabCamilla

#AskAdhamh @Outlander_Starz how was G.MacTavish and G.Lewis Gaelic before you started ? quick learners ?

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@FabCamilla they didn’t speak it at all, but came on absolute leaps and bounds! I am REALLY proud of those two gents 🙂 #AskAdhamh


Catherine Ferguson @CathiF2

@Outlander_Starz Who is having the most difficulty with the Gaelic? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@CathiF2 there’s no-one actually who has not been able to get where we need to go, they’ve all come on incredibly well! #AskAdhamh


Diana Gabaldon@Writer_DG

@Outlander_Starz Can’t tell you how delighted I am that they’re using so much Gaelic in show! _Really_ enjoy all I’ve seen! #AskAdhamh


Candida Nunez @Candida_LN

@Outlander_Starz Do you dream in English or Gaelic? Or both perhaps? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@Candida_LN Not having grown up w the language, I don’t dream in G that often, but my kids do as they have had it since birth! #AskAdhamh

Louise Archer @louisearcher1

@Outlander_Starz @Candida_LN Did you have someone teach you then or are you self taught? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@louisearcher1 @Candida_LN mostly self-taught. Once you touch the vein of Scotland’s soul (G leads straight to it) #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@louisearcher1 @Candida_LN , it’s eats you up big-time and the rest is history! #AskAdhamh


Julia Averbeck @nenya1985

@Outlander_Starz How many languages do you speak? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@nenya1985 Gae, Scots, Eng fluently, Ger, Dutch semi-fluently, Spa, Fre -get by, Irish, Slovene, Welsh, Finnish -can be polite! #AskAdhamh


Dee @tweetlee_dee

@Outlander_Starz Dang! I’m missing #AskAdhamh ! Can I just say “Hi” then? (or “Feasgar math” 😉 and Mòran taing for all you share with us!

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@tweetlee_dee ‘S e do bheatha! /shay do VAYha/ you’re welcome. Feasgar math dhut fhéin! (good evening to you!) 🙂 x #AskAdhamh


Wendy Dowson @WendyDowson

@Outlander_Starz #AskAdhamh How would you say “Jesus H Roosevelt Christ” in Gaelic?

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@WendyDowson Ìosa H Rùsabhailt Crìost! #AskAdhamh


Ash P @JnAPenn2679

@Outlander_Starz #AskAdhamh what’s the difference between Scottish gaelic and Irish?

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@JnAPenn2679 about 500 words, some different spelling conventions and lots of quite different accents from regional dialects #AskAdhamh


Lee Ann Ray @FlaSunshine1975

@Outlander_Starz #AskAdhamh Do you have Gaelic class or work individually with each actor?

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@FlaSunshine1975 Individual sessions for the most part. Every1 has their own way of learning, their brains all work differently! #askadhamh


Gràs Beathag (Mal) @mostlyalurker

@Outlander_Starz (i’ll ask again) Adhamh, what is the biggest surprise to date that’s come from working on #Outlander? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@mostlyalurker how willing producers / writers r 2take the culture seriously. They give the utmost respect to it. So humbled #AskAdhamh


 Kris Weinand @KrisWeinand

@Outlander_Starz @An_Comhghallach What do you do when not working on #Outlander? Still Gaelic related? #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@KrisWeinand Translation, singing, fieldwork, as am working hard to revive the dialect of my homeland which is almost dead #AskAdhamh

Outlander @Outlander_Starz

.@KrisWeinand My children all speak it though, so all is not lost, but we are in need of support wherever we can find it 🙂 #AskAdhamh


Outlander @Outlander_Starz

Taing dhuibh uile! Thank you all so much 4tonight’s chat! Feel free to say “hi” @An_Comhghallach Oidhche mhath leibh! Goodnight! #AskAdhamh


Outlander @Outlander_Starz

That’s a wrap! Thanks to all the #Outlander fans for joining and of course a BIG thank you to our wonderful Gaelic host, Àdhamh! #AskAdhamh

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