World Outlander Day – June 1, 2014

Conny, blogging at Highland Saga, has come up with a great idea to have World Outlander Day on Sunday, June 1.  As far as we can tell , June 1, 1991 was the day that Outlander was first published, so what better way to celebrate? This grass-roots effort is really a fresh example of the “Outlander Effect” from my previous Great Scot post.

Fans the world over are embracing this celebration of Diana Gabaldon and all things Outlander! So what kinds of things are Outlander Fans doing to celebrate? Some of the activities I’ve seen mentioned include:

– Online discussions on Facebook, Twitter sharing how Outlander has affected them personally.

– Pocket Jamie photos commemorating the Day worldwide.

– Reading favorite passages and sections from the books.

– Sharing meals and treats based on Outlander dining (see recipes here: Outlander Kitchen).

– Give-A-Gabaldon Sunday: make a gift of an Outlander book to a friend, library, or book drive.

– Because blood helps us Travel Through the Stones:  American Red Cross blood donations (one Fan is moving her Summer Solstice Quarterly donation up 3 weeks).

– Making donations to Diana’s, Cait’s and Sam’s charities:

– Plant an Outlander plant, flower bed, or garden – for ideas, see: Outlander Plants

– Walk, run, or otherwise mobilize your body for fitness with fellow fans: @OutlanderFit

– Write a Haiku poem about Outlander, and tweet using #OutlanderHaiku (5 syllables – 7 syllables – 5 syllables on a theme or idea from Outlander)


What will you be doing to celebrate World Outlander Day, and the effect Outlander has had on your world?

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