Co-latha-breith sona dhut, Àdhamh!

Wishing a very happy birthday to our very own Gàidhlig expert, Àdhamh Ó Broin.  On his special day, this seems to be the perfect time to thank Àdhamh for all the generosity and patience he has shown to Outlanders worldwide. Feel free to drop him a tweet to @An_Comhghallac to wish him well.

Even Sam has gotten in on the act! See the following video tweeted from @Outlander_Starz:


Be sure to watch the video for further evidence of the spectacular job Àdhamh is doing with a very dedicated balach (lad). Say it with me (and Sam):

Co-latha-breith sona dhut, Àdhamh! / coh-laah-bray sawna ghooht, AH giv/

Also, please enjoy the fabulous cartoon created for Àdhamh by the talented Outlander Cartoons!
*Credits to the Ó Broinies and Outlander Cartoons

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