Outlander Episode 205 – Untimely Resurrection – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

Sorry for falling behind everyone, but the Gaelic has been few and far between at the French Court! I promise I will go back and do a catchup post for all the little words here and there in episodes 202-204, but in the meantime here is the answer to everyone’s burning question from Episode 205 regarding the Gaelic oath that Jamie says during the argument with Claire in the final scene.

25:23  Jamie handing Claire the spoon case

Seo – this

27:46 Jamie telling Claire he loves her, too. <sigh>

mo nighean donn – my brown-haired lass

46:38  Gaelic Oath

Donas dubh nan seachd sitigean – Black Devil of the seven middens

I’ve also received questions the last few weeks regarding a word that Jamie uses frequently that sounds like ‘shaw’.  In some cases, I translate it as seo/this or an seo/here. I made a comment on Twitter yesterday about Sam Heughan throwing that word in often. Sam responded and said he also uses Seadh or yes, as well. The two words can sound very similar (show vs shug) so you have to judge on context.


11 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 205 – Untimely Resurrection – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

  1. Hello! Love your blog. It’s so helpful! I’m replying here because I can find no other way to reach you. Just wanted to say I know you’re a few episodes behind but I’d love to know the words Jamie says to the Baird in Eps 208.
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi there, love the blog! I’m learning gaidhlig and also a huge outlander fan so this has been a big help to me! I’ve been rewatching and listening out for all the words I know etc.
    At the end of 207 (Faith) when they are back at Lallybroch Jamie gets a letter. He opens it and says something that sounds like it ends with “Tha bhalaichte”? I was trying to decipher it but it’s hard to hear. I want to translate it but obviously it would help if I know what the words were to begin with haha.
    Any chance you could catch what he’s saying? I would really appreciate it!

    N.B – sorry if you’ve already done a 207 breakdown, I can’t seem to find it if you have!
    Thanks again

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