Useful Gàidhlig phrases you might want to use with your mates but not your Mom…

As anyone knows, one really good use for a foreign language, (especially one that not many around you can understand), is to let off steam with some really good curses. Here are just a few I’ve happened to overhear on Twitter in the last few weeks.

Gaelic Cliché #1! Póg mo thòn! /poke mo hawn/ – Kiss my ass!

Mo chreach! /mo chrech/ my ruin! my destruction! (from which ‘crikey’ is derived)

Dìth-bhith ort! /G-V orst/ dead easy that one, means “annihilation upon you!” -old school

Thalla ‘s caic! /hallas kachk/ away and s**t!

Ó mo thruaigh! /oh mo hrooiy/ lit. oh my pity “holy crap”

tòn an eich /tawna nyaich/ horse’s ass

Tha usa air a’ chuthach air fad! /ha usa aira chuach air fat/ You’re absolutely nuts!

Keep checking back for more! There’s bound to be a rugby match soon to provide even more curses.