Time and Skye wait for no weather… Scotland Day 4

It’s just as well I had no plans to leave Skye today as I woke to the news that ferries were cancelled again and even the bridge was closed for a few hours due to continuing high winds. Secure in my knowledge that I was here for one more night, I popped down the 3 flights of stairs for my breakfast. Yummy fried egg with bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms. I always forget that bacon here is not like bacon at home. It’s more like what we call country ham in the South, just not salt cured.

As the rain was tipping down pretty heavily, I decided that maybe the day should start with indoor activities, so I popped into the car and headed towards Armadale.  Armadale is where Sabhal Mòr Ostaig is located. It was about an hour drive, dodging ponding water and feeling the car shake from wind most of the way. Once at the College, I spent considerable time pondering all the Gaelic items available. I found several presents for people back home and a book called Everyday Gaelic for me. I also bought, well let’s just say several, CDs. I really hope Candida is fond of Celtic music. I also took some time braving the wind and rain to grab some photos from behind the College’s administration building. It’s in a spectacular location right on the sea.

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