How to Speak Outlander: Lesson 7 ‘Je Suis Prest ‘

OK, so it’s not Gàidhlig , but I could hardly let the latest “How to Speak Outlander” video go unmentioned. If nothing else, we finally have Àdhamh giving us the correct pronunciation of his name, and that is Gàidhlig.  So, please, let’s all enjoy this video once more. Say it with me…

How to Speak Outlander: Lesson 7 ‘Je Suis Prest’

So you don’t have your own personal Gaelic coach? Sam suggests….

So if you want to learn Gaelic at a little faster pace than this blog or the ‘How to Speak Outlander” lessons, may I suggest as retweeted by Mr. Heughan!

I’m happy to report that I have taken lesson 1 a few times now and have managed to pass the Lesson 1 Quiz with 80% (and Sam noticed!).

Sam Heughan  favorited your Tweet 
44m: @LearnGaelicNet @Heughan @An_Comhghallach I got 80% on lesson 1. #Makingprogress

I’m sure many of you out there with a better gift for languages can do a bit better!

Follow this link to Learn Gaelic as a beginner!

Thanks to @HeughansHeughligans for this picture of Sam in the header!