So you don’t have your own personal Gaelic coach? Sam suggests….

So if you want to learn Gaelic at a little faster pace than this blog or the ‘How to Speak Outlander” lessons, may I suggest as retweeted by Mr. Heughan!

I’m happy to report that I have taken lesson 1 a few times now and have managed to pass the Lesson 1 Quiz with 80% (and Sam noticed!).

Sam Heughan  favorited your Tweet 
44m: @LearnGaelicNet @Heughan @An_Comhghallach I got 80% on lesson 1. #Makingprogress

I’m sure many of you out there with a better gift for languages can do a bit better!

Follow this link to Learn Gaelic as a beginner!

Thanks to @HeughansHeughligans for this picture of Sam in the header!

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