Outlander Episode 109: The Reckoning – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

Congratulations Outlanders! Our long international nightmare, otherwise known as #Droughtlander, is over (for most of us) and we have survived! The Gàidhlig in this episode, while not plentiful, should prove as a nice refresher for a couple of words and phrases we learned from the first half of the Outlander season.

Return from rescuing Claire

19:39  Rupert to Dougal and the others at the inn

 Ciamar a tha sibh! – Greeting: How are you (plural)!

     Angus to the crowd

Tulach Ard! – MacKenzie war cry

Think again

36:14  Jamie’s response to Claire refusing the bed

 OK. I’ve been corrected here. I thought he was saying ‘Glè mhath. – Very well’ but I’ve gone back and listened again and think Mhairi and Michelle are right. Jamie is actually saying oidhche mhath – Good night.

Oidhche mhath – Good night.

 Also, LearnGaelic retweeted their 20 words post centered around Outlander. It’s a nice refresher with some sound files for names, etc.

Like I said at the start, the Gàidhlig this week wasn’t bountiful, but here’s to looking for more in the weeks to come!

Episode 106 – The Garrison Commander – What? No Gàidhlig this week? Well, maybe some after all.

As I suspected, there was no Gàidhlig in this week’s episode. I guess it would have pushed the Redcoats over the edge to have to deal with a foreign language in addition to Scots accents. 😉  However, lest we be left completely Gàidhlig-less this week, LearnGaelic was kind enough to publish an Outlander inspired version of their Fichead Facal – 20 words.

It looks like they also live tweeted some Gàidhlig terms during this week’s episode. I’ll keep an eye out to see if they keep this up in the future.

Be sure to check back next week, I feel it’s pretty safe there will be Gàidhlig in episode 107 – The Wedding. Only six days to go! Look for a post later this week on Appalachian/Southern slang words. This is a special request from Àdhamh who feels about Southern language and accents pretty much the way most of us do about Scots.  And face it, it will help pass the time until next Saturday night!