On the cusp of adventure…Alba bound!

Well, I’m sitting here at the airport contemplating the adventure upon which I’m about to embark. Several years ago I probably would never have even considered flying over 4,000 miles away to ramble through the Scottish Highlands on my own (for the first week at least), but this is yet another thing you can chalk up to Diana Gabaldon writing a book.

Not only did reading Outlander directly influence my desire to see the Highlands myself, but it also introduced me to an entire world of new friends with common interests. These common interests and the desire to share in the Outlander community has already led me to Los Angeles, Seattle and San Diego this year. In those places I have met fabulous people with whom I discovered I have way more in common than just Outlander. Some of these people have become really close friends (you know who you are!).

I have also been privileged to make many friends online through Twitter and Facebook groups as well as through this blog, several of whom have been absolutely invaluable in planning this trip.  I have had offers of trip planning advice and more places to stay than I have nights planned for this trip, I think. I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me make this trip a reality.

For those of you who haven’t made it to Scotland yet, or those who haven’t made it back recently enough, I will do my absolute best to keep you up to date on all of my adventures. I’ll be hitting the ground running tomorrow afternoon and don’t expect to stop until I board the flight back home in just over two weeks! For the first week it’s just me, but next week I’ll be joined by the lovely and talented Candida Nunez.  Between the two of us, I promise there will be adventures to write home about and I fully expect to fill the blog with pictures!

Goodbye for now! I have a plane to catch. I’ll meet you back here from the other side of the Atlantic soon!