Stones, Towers and Scones…oh my! Scotland Day 9

Awaking after a wonderful night’s sleep, I couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of the beautiful sunrise over Wigtown. I don’t think I could ever tire of looking out over this beautiful part of Scotland. Everyone should immediately add it to their Scotland itinerary. Heading downstairs, I joined everyone for a delicious breakfast prepared by Deb. I’m going to be in big trouble when I have to go off scrambled eggs and Scottish smoked salmon cold turkey at the end of this trip. Sheila, Candida, Luanne and I listened excitedly as Deb outlined our plans for the day. I was so excited that the day was to start with a visit to standing stones that I’m not sure I heard where else was planned. (Surely my second attempt at going through the stones would be more successful than the first? Practice makes perfect after all and even Roger took more than one try.) We all piled into my trusty little van and set out for our grand adventure.

The standing stones were called the Torhouse Stones and were located in a fenced off corner of a local pasture. The cows looked on in what appeared to be mild amusement at what I am sure they considered amusing human behavior for a Saturday morning. For the most part they stayed quiet and chewed their cud, at least until the farmer arrived! The minute the farmer arrived on his four-wheeler and let himself through the gate, the lowing and mooing commenced! Luckily, he didn’t seem put off by the crazy women being that near his cows. The girls and I just continued taking photos and trying our best to figure out how to get to Jamie. Luanne tried counting all the stones, Sheila and Deb tried patterns, and I finally decided maybe throwing myself across one might work. I’m pretty sure Candida was just sitting quietly and laughing at us. 😉

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