Reminder for the Q&A with Àdhamh next week (and a cool new picture from the set)

Starz posted the following on Twitter and Facebook today. I thought it was worth a separate blog post since it is a cool new on set picture of Àdhamh working! I believe that is Rupert with whom he appears to be going over dialog. This picture is also another confirmation that Outlander isn’t going to be a ‘clean’ version of the 18th century.  Just look at all that strategically placed dirt!


It sounds like the Q&A will be conducted over the @Outlander_Starz Twitter account and not Adhamh’s personal account (@an_comhghallach). Also, be sure to send use the hashtag #AskAdhamh when participating.

Mark your calendars! Tweet chat with Àdhamh next Wednesday.

Outlander’s own Gàidhlig expert, Àdhamh Ò Broin will be conducting his first Tweet chat for #Outlanders on Wednesday, April 23rd at 1:30 pm EDT. This is your chance to get those burning Gaelic questions answered. Who knows, maybe he’ll tell us who has been the best student on set and whose knuckles he’s had to rap.


Great Scot! Music Monday – The Dirty Beggars – Come Away With Me

Today’s music recommendation combines two of my favorite things, Scotsmen and bluegrass.  Thanks to a tweet from Brian Ferguson (@brianjaffa) looking for help finding a venue for this guys in DC for July, I was introduced to the music of The Dirty Beggars. In addition to covers of some really great songs,  they have some original material as well.

The Dirty Beggars –  Come Away With Me.

Also, here is a great video of them playing on the roof of Studio Fàs on the Isle of Skye.

The Dirty Beggars – Unforgiven


Be on the lookout for these guys touring the USA this summer. You can follow them on Twitter (@TheDirtyBeggars) or find them on Facebook.


Is Àdhamh trying to give Matt Roberts some competition for #POTD?

Not only do we get a lovely picture to start the day, we also get to add a new word to our Gàidhlig vocabulary.

He also responded to disbelievers who thought it looked a bit fliuch (wet) and fuar (cold):

I don’t know how it is where you are today, but here …Tha i glè brèagha an-diugh! (It is a very fine day today!)

How to Speak Outlander Lesson 5: Dougal and Colum

STARZ released a new How to Speak Outlander lesson today featuring Àdhamh, Graham McTavish and Gary Lewis. I’m happy to see that Àdhamh’s parts keep getting larger! Along those lines, there was a move afoot on Twitter today to try and get Àdhamh a cameo in Outlander. Can’t wait to see the results.