Outlander Mutual Admiration Society

So prior to @Writer_DG leaving for her close-up in Scotland, we knew there was much anticipation for a meeting between  Àdhamh and Diana.

Luckily, I can now report that the meeting has taken place and there is photographic proof!

Alas, Diana’s two lines are in Scots not Gaelic, so I don’t believe there was any direct coaching from Àdhamh, but she was able to observe him at work as evidenced in the following line of her post on Facebook entitled “My Brief Career as a TV Actor (Part 2).”

The director passes round, giving people instructions—and various specialists, such as the dialect coach and the Gaelic expert(this would be Adhamh O’Broin, whom you’ve seen in the “Speak Outlander” videos—a star in his own right. <g>) also zoom in to render aid and advice.

Good work Àdhamh! Dare we hope that there might be more “How to speak Outlander” soon?  Valentine’s Day is coming verra soon after all!

So fellow #Outlanders, what would you choose to learn in the next “How to speak Outlander” lesson?

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