Weekly Gaelic Phrase roundup – February 10, 2014

OK.  I promise at some point to come up with a better organizational structure for all of these! BUT, since Àdhamh promised a round up (which in all fairness I promised him first), here goes.

Overheard on Twitter the week prior to February 10, 2014, I present the following useful Gàidhlig words and phrases courtesy of  Àdhamh Ó Broin (@an_Comhghallach).

dealbhan ealanta /JAlavan YALanta/ artful pictures

Cianalas /quia-nalas/ (Latin pron.) kind of spiritual homesickness

Taing dhut! /tang ghooht/ Thanks

m’ eudail darling/dear  like the way a Scottish person pronounces ‘cradle’ or ‘ladle’ except jauntier /MAYdal

Tha usa air a’ chuthach air fad! /ha usa aira chuach air fat/ You’re absolutely nuts!

nach tu tha briagh! /nach tu ha bría/ Aren’t you lovely

còir” /kawr/ dear, kind

oidhche mhath leat fhéin /hayn/ m’ eudail /maydal/ goodnight to you(rself) m’ darling!

meal do naigheachd /myal do neiyachk/ enjoy your news

co-latha-breith sona dhut /co-laa-bray sawna ghooht/ happy bday 2u

eagallach! /aikalach/ scary

Cà’ bheil an taigh-beag?” /kaa vale ‘n tie-bake/ lit. Where’s the little-house? (toilet)

tha sin gasta, a Mhandaidh! /ha sheen gasta a vandy/ that’s excellent, oh Mandy!

seall sin! /showl sheen/ lit. look (at) that! (How ’bout that)

Togaidh tu Gàidhlig! /toki tu gaalick/ you’ll “lift” (learn) Scottish Gaelic!

Nach sibh tha sgiobalta sgoinneil! /nach shu ha skipulta skunyel/ lit. Aren’t you (two) tidy neat

rachadh sin a ghléidheil! /rachugh sheen a ghlay’al/ lit. that could be retained

mo chreach! /mo chrech/ goodness! (lit. my ruin)

slàinte mhór dhuibh fhéin! /slantche vore ghooiy hain/

Ó, seall sin! /oh shall sheen/ look at that

“deoch” /jawch/ drink

Madainn mhath dhut /MAtin va ghooht/, a theagasgair ghràdhaichte! Good morning, dear teacher

aoibhneas /öivnjes/ joy, pleasure, happiness

Madainn mhath dhut /MAtain va ghooht/ Good morning to you

chloinn! /a chloin/ children! a very quick sound, don’t labour over the ‘oi’ bit, it’s not the same as ‘coin’

oidhche mhath leat! /Uiche va let/ (a) good night (be) with you!

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