Episode 25: Mélange

I thought this was well worth reposting, not just because Ginger and Summer always do an excellent job, but there is some great history of Scotland info passed on both in the podcast and in the blog post as well.

The Outlander Podcast™

In this episode, we discuss recent announcements, which led to, let’s say, interesting conversation. (Summer gives Starz some suggestions for a Pocket Jamie #reboot.) We chat with guest Dave Weinczok about his work with National Trust for Scotland, The Books, and standing stones.

Outlander Territory: An Exploration and History of the Real Places Behind the Filming of the Starz Original Series

By David Weinczok – amateur historian, aspiring author of a book on Scottish castles, and ‘Battle Master’ at the Bannockburn Heritage Centre. He would love to hear from you, so please get in touch at dcweinczok@gmail.com!

At the Highlands’ edge in Doune Castle

The first location is Doune Castle, located in the village of Doune on the Highand line in Perthshire, central Scotland. My visit on December 30th was animated by the presence of some of the prop structures from the Outlander filming set in the castle’s courtyard…

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