Updated 6/30/14 : So what is your ‘Official Outlander name’ in Gàidhlig?

Àdhamh Ó Broin (@an_comhghallach) has most kindly been running an Outlander Fan name translation service via Twitter. 😉  Just find your name below and then use your imagination to hear Àdhamh saying the following in his best ‘How to Speak Outlander’ voice:

 “Say it with me,  __insert your Gàidhlig name here__ . You now have your own official OUTLANDER name! Latha math leibh!”

As I see new names come across Twitter, I’ll add them here. If there is no pronunciation guide, then it is pronounced the same as English. Also, keep in mind that because some of our more modern names don’t truly exist in Gàidhlig, what is given here is an approximation using the equivalent Gàidhlig spelling for the English sounds.

Abagail /AHbagle/ – Abigail  ‘gle’ like in waggle

Àdailin /AHdaleen/ – Adeline

Alàna / / – Alana

Àlasan / ALison – Alison

Aingeal /ENyal/ – Angel, Angela

Aindréa / / – Andrea

Àine / / Ann

Alasdair / / – Sandy

Anna /anna  – Anna

Anndra /ANdra/ – Andrew

Aoibh /öiv/ – Joy

Barabal /BArable/ like “arable” with a B at the start – Barbara

Beathag /BAYhak/ – Beth, Sophia, Becky, Rebecca, Viviane

Bibhian / BV’in/ – Vivian

Breannda / / – Brenda

Cailìosta / / – Callista

Caitrìona/ kaTREEna – Catherine, Katrina, Kathie

Cairistìona! /karisTCHEEona/ – Kristin, Christine, Kristen

Caitlin /CATCHlin/ – Kathleen

Caimìl / / – Camille

Càlaidh / / – Callie

Carraigh / / – Carrie

Cealaigh /Kelly/ – Kelly

Cheiteirin/ CHAYtcherin (‘ch’ like ‘loch’, ‘tch’ like ‘latch’)/ – Katerin

Cònaidh / / – Connie

Cònaidh /connie/ – Connie

Còrnala / / – Cornelia

Dàibhidh /divey/ – David

Deabra /Jebra/ – Deborah, Debra

Deòidhs / / – Joyce (approximation)

Diana /JEEana/ – Diana

Dìlean /JEElin – Gillian, Jillian

Ealasaid/YELLasatch – Elizabeth

Èama/ EMa – Emma

Eilidh /AYlie – Helen

Eirce /AIRke/ – Erica

Fearnànda/ / – Fernanda

Fhraoich /ruich/ – Heather

Fionnghal /FYUnagal/  Fiona

Frànca /franka/ – Francesca

Géil / / – Gail

Íongraid / / – Ingrid

Iseabail/EESHAHbal/  – Isabel, Isabella

Latharna /LA-arna/ from Lorne – Lorna, Laura

Labhraidh /lowrie/ – Alternate for Laura, Laurie

Leaslaidh /leslie/ – Leslie

Lilidh /lilly/ – Lilly

Màiread! /MYrit – Meghan

Màndaidh/MANday/ – Mandy

Mairi/MAAri/ – Mary, Maria, Marie

Màrta / / – Martha

Mèalanaidh / / – Melanie

Meilìosa/ – Melissa

Micheáilin / / – Michelle

Mìcheal /MEEchle/ – Michael the ‘le’ in the pronounciation like ‘le’ in “tickle”

Milsean / Meelshawn/ – Candy

Mìondaidh /MEANday/ – Mindy

Mònag /MAWnak/ – Monica

Morag/MOErak – Sarah

Nàn a-Mhàin /nan aVAN/ lit. just/only Nan!

Nansaidh / / – Nancy

Neacaill /NYECHkal/ – Nicholas

Òmarag /AWmarak/ – Amber

Pàl /PAL/ – Paul

Pàmala /PAMala – Pamela

Pàdrais /PAHdrish – Patricia

Peanaidh /Penny/ – Penny

Pulag/ Poolak/ – Poolak

Raonaid /RUEnatch/ ‘ao’ like ‘oue’ in “ouef” and “bouef”, French – Rachel, Raquel

Reagan /RAYgin/ – Reagan

Rìota /Rita – Rita

Ròisin /ROsheen/ – Rochelle

Ruadh /rua/ – Ginger (red/ginger haired)

Samànta / / – Samantha

Sandra / / -Sandra

Seilean //SHAYlin/ –  Sheilean (Irish for Deborah, means bee)

Seirì / / – Cheri

Seònag /SHAWnak/ Ivana , Evonne, Yvonne, Joan

Seònaid/SHAWnatch – Jennifer/Janet

‘Seumag’ /shaymak/ or Seumaidh /shaymie – Jamie (female)

Siàna / / – Shawna, Shaune

Siàndra / / – Chiandra

Siàran /sharon/ – Sharon

Sìle /SHEEle/ – Sheila

Sìne /sheene/ last ‘e’ like ‘e’ in ‘the’ – Jane, Jean

Sianan / / – Shannon

Sirlìon / / – Shirlene

Siùsaidh/shooosie/ – Sue, Susie, Susan

Steafan/stefan/ – Steven

Steaphanaidh /stefanee/ – Stephanie

Sundaidh /sindie/ – Cindy, Cynthia

Tairìosa – Teresa

Tamaidh / / – Tammy

Tàinia /Tania/ – Tania

Teàrlaid /TCHARlatch (‘tch’ like ‘latch’) / Cheryl

Teile /chai-le like ‘chai’ of chair with Fre. “le”/ From Gae 4 Linden Tree – Linda

Tóraidh /tori/ – Victoria

Uànda! /wanda/ – Wanda

68 thoughts on “Updated 6/30/14 : So what is your ‘Official Outlander name’ in Gàidhlig?

  1. Catherine MacGregor

    I love your blog, Mandy! Just a small remark: Mairead is usually translated as Margaret. And because Jane is one of the feminine forms of John, as is Jean, Sine is also often translated as Jean or Jeannie. I love seeing these names in song titles!

    • Hi Catherine. Thanks for the comment. Some of these names are Àdhamh trying to approximate names that have no true Gaelic equivalent I think. I will keep adding to the list! Thanks for the contributions.

    • Evonne, I think you’d be pretty close to what we have for Ivanna – Seònag /SHAWnak/. Now if we could only get Sam to record all of these for us. 😉 Thanks for the comment!

  2. My name is Fawn, looked it up when I joined Outlander Book Club Free forums a few years ago. Made it my user name. Damhnait sounds like Dav-net looks like damnit (I supposed I can be a mild expletive at times) LOL I would love to hear a scot say it (especially Jamie)

  3. I would love to know how Stacie would be translated. My daughter loves all things concerning Scotland. She even has a small piece of land there. By small I mean a square foot. LOL.

  4. Do you think there is one for Maureen, Phil or Jean? Did not see those up there. Thank You for doing all of this…

  5. I’m afraid that mine will have no equivalent: Tristan. Yes, it typically a boy’s name, but it’s mine, and I like it. 🙂 I believe it’s of Welsh origin…but throwing it out there anyway. 🙂 Thanks! 🙂

  6. I’d love to know IF there is a Gàidhlig translation for my name: Felicia. If not, the spelling would be fine. Or the meaning; it derives from the Latin adjective felix, meaning “happy” .

  7. Hi Manday – Has Jessica been requested before? Don’t see it on the list……would be curious if it existed back then or something close to it 🙂

  8. Hi Mandy, what would the Gaelic word be for Melinda? I found Mindy which is what I go by, but was wondering about my legal name.

  9. Linda means beautiful, and so does Caoimhe (pronounced KEEva). The boys’ name Lindael means lives by the linden tree valley, but I’ve found no reference between the girls’ name Linda, and linden trees.

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