Weekly Gàidhlig Roundup – February 17, 2014

I know this is late but there was so much going on the last week!  But here are more tidbits overhead on Twitter this week:

gabh mo leisgeul /gav mo laishgal/ excuse me

Thig beò! /heek byaw/ come alive!

Trees are blue in Gaelic! Well, not quite, but you would describe that colour as “gorm” /gawrum/ a very quick sound that one! &other plants, anything natural ‘green’ to the English speaking eye is “gorm” to the Gael. It’s to do with ‘depth’ of colour

blàth ‘s tioram” /blaah’s tchirum/ warm and dry

sneachd /shnyachk/ here too!

trang! /trang/ busy

Obh obh! /o vove/ Oh oh.

Glé mhath! /glay va/ very good!

Tha gu math, a ghràidh (dear)!

‘S tu fhéin /stu hain/ and yourself?

Cho dearg ris an fhuil! /cho jerak reesh an ool/ (as red as the blood)

Teile /tchaile/ from Linden Tree

that sin ceart /ha sheen kyarst/ That’s right

‘S e do bheatha! /shay d’ vayha/

Och, thalla gu Hiort! /awch, hala gu heeorst/ Get tae St Kilda

Tha fonn math ort! /ha fown ma orst/ There is a good tune (mood) on you!

Co-latha-breith sona dhut! /coh-laah-bray sawna ghooht

Madainn mhath dhut fhéin, bonita chòir!

Ciamar a tha u? /kimmer a ha u/ how are you?

slogan “sluagh-ghairm” /slua-ghar’m/ ‘battle-cry’ the obvious one

tha mi tuigsinn! /hami tookshin/ I am understanding!

Earth is good: tha talamh math /ha talu ma/

Ciamar a tha Sao Paulo an-diugh? /kimmer a ha…an-joo/ How is Sao Paulo today?

bha na laithean a bha sin ro theth ‘s ro thioram /va na liein a va sheen ro heh s ro hirum/ lit. the days that were there :

Trioblaid! /TRIPLatch/ trouble

tòn an eich /tawna nyaich/ horse’s ass

mo chreach! /mo chrech/ my ruin!

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