Àdhamh Ó Broin Surprises and Delights with Gàidhlig Story and Song at the UK Outlander Gathering

So I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. If you’re not, Àdhamh has kindly provided the Gàidhlig to express yourself!


Àdhamh had quite the busy weekend as he dropped in on the UK Outlander Gathering as a featured speaker and entertainer. From the flying tweets and Facebook posts, he was quite the hit, which doesn’t surprise me in the least.  I have never met anyone more willing and eager to share the culture he loves so much! Starz and Tall Ship Productions have done a great favor to Outlanders everywhere in bringing Àdhamh on board. Not only does he work long and hard to keep the Gàidhlig aspects of Outlander authentic, but he goes well above and beyond to interact with fans and help those of us who appreciate the culture and are trying to learn more.

Some shots from the Gathering:

However, by far the highlight of the afternoon, or so I hear, was Àdhamh’s vocal performance. Luckily Outlanders far and wide are able to appreciate a part of the performance thanks to this recording by Karin Anderson.

It wasn’t long after the video was tweeted that Outlander appreciation flew fast and furious through the Twitterverse! Here is just a sample:



Àdhamh even joined the other UK Outlander Gathering attendees in being immortalized in one of Outlander Cartoon’s famous images.



And not only did the attendees appreciate Àdhamh, but looks like it was mutual!


Best news of all is that is looks like it may not be such a surprise next year!


And last but not least, as an added bonus, Àdhamh also shared this video of a performance from last summer at La Bodega in Glasgow. The song is very Outlander (or Dragonfly in Amber) appropriate.  I could easily picture Roger singing it at a Gathering. Here is Àdhamh’s explanation:

An era song about a woman who is robbed of her husband through the Risings but can’t bring herself to turn her back on Prince Charlie….


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