Updated 5/3/14 Bear McCreary hints at what we might hear in Starz’s Outlander Score

Unless you were under a rock today, you are probably are aware of the fact that Starz released a new longer trailer for Outlander today. This was after making loyal Outlanders jump through a few hoops though. (I’m pretty sure I’m going to be having nightmares about #WhereisClaire tonight)

If you were under a rock, congratulations on avoiding the carpal tunnel that most of the rest of us will likely suffer. You can enjoy the fruits of our labor. (viewable in the US only)


Of course, the excitement generated by the new longer trailer prompted some questions about the music that would be used in the show.  Luckily, Bear McCreary responded with some hints about what will be used in the show. I, for one, can’t wait to hear the results. It sounds like it is going to be fabulous and will include Gaelic chants!

Bear also tweeted the following:

Surely this has to be for Outlander! Here’s hoping for a new Gàidhlig music revival in the offing!

Is it summer yet?


Here’s a few more tweets from Bear today about the Outlander music.

And if that wasn’t enough, Chris Parnell just had to tease us too!

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