Who would have thought…. Exciting giveaway coming soon from Great Scot!

So, who would have thought when I started this blog back in February, that just five months later, Great Scot would be on the brink of 30,000 page views? I know I certainly never dreamed the blog would get that many views this quickly but Outlander fans are nothing if not amazing. I want you to know that I appreciate each and every one of you who has read the posts, retweeted, left comments, reblogged, and given me such wonderful encouragement! I look forward to continuing to share my Outlandish cultural musings.

But, back to the exciting giveaway. As of 11:30 pm EDT on June 25, Great Scot is at 28,900 views. Stay tuned for a very exciting giveaway I am planning for when Great Scot hits 30,000!  I’m not saying what the giveaway is just yet but let’s say it’s a little something I picked up in Seattle. As a matter of fact, two little somethings I picked up in Seattle. 😉

I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.


11 thoughts on “Who would have thought…. Exciting giveaway coming soon from Great Scot!

  1. Something wonderful is coming… I can just feel it! Two special somethings from your trip to take in the Outlander Fan Retreat in Seattle, hmm?
    Can’t wait! Thanks Mandy & GreatScot! for all the great blogging and fun!

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