Updated 9/8/2014 Episode 104 – The Gathering – The Gàidhlig bits I could decipher this week

What a wonderful episode! This week we were treated to even more of life among the MacKenzies.  Also, we had tons of Gàidhlig this week. Unfortunately, many of the longer sentences were beyond my ken, but here is some of what I was able to decipher. As always, as others contribute, I’ll update the post.

 As Claire, Rupert and Angus walk through the MacKenzies camping on their way back to the Castle

5:08 Heard in the background

Ciamar a tha thu? – How are you? (This is one sentence everyone should learn. It’s very useful.)

 The Gathering in the Hall

15:36 No Gàidhlig, but take a moment to admire Ron Moore in his fine blue coat as well as Howie from 21st Century Kilts.

16:00 And then admire Herself as well. What exactly is the history between Iona MacTavish and Mrs. Fitz?

17:22 Letitia addressing Colum

Nach tu tha nad…. nad dhuin’ uasal, m’ eudail! – You look the right Laird, my darling. (Àdhamh confirmed)

17:37 Colum addressing the Clan (random words and phrases I caught)

Tulach Ard – High hill, MacKenzie Clan war cry

Fàilte – Welcome

Caisteal Leoch – Castle Leoch

an-dràsta – now, this minute

seo a-nis – here now

21:23 Angus on the way out of the Oath Taking to Auld Alec

Ciamar a tha thu? – How are you?

Auld Alec back to Angus

Tha gu math! – I am well.

Claire trying to escape

26:46 Drunken Clansmen encounter

seallaibh…againn an seo – Look what we have here (Thanks to Christy C.)

Caileag na h-aonar –  /KALak na HÖner/ (a lass on her own / a lonely lass) (Àdhamh confirmed)

a bhodach – old man

a charaid – friend, mate

pòg – kiss (Thanks to Lori for this one.)

na h-iarr sinn fhéin – Do you not want her yourself? (Thanks to Christy C. for helping me puzzle out this one.)

Claire and Jamie returning to the Castle

32:53 Jamie to men holding him

leig às e! – let go!

a charaid – friend, mate

33:25 Jamie getting changed for the oath taking

Taing dhut – Thanks

33:46 One of the other men

Slàinte mhath – good health


19 thoughts on “Updated 9/8/2014 Episode 104 – The Gathering – The Gàidhlig bits I could decipher this week

  1. Awesome! I did remember a bit more out of the drunken clansmen in the hallway scene, as well!

    When the guy first finds her, it sounds like he’s saying “seallaibh…againn an seo” — something like “Looky what we have here.”

    Also, when Dougal stopped them, I thought I heard “charaid,” and then a “sinn fhèin” — yourself. So was that something like asking if Dougal wanted her for himself?

    I would LOVE to start taking notes as I watch and maybe working together to see how much we can tease out! I’m not great with Gàidhlig (yet), but I’ve studied via distance with Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (Gillebride who played Gwyllyn the Bard was my teacher) so I’m definitely interested!

    • That would be awesome. I’ve been studying on my own. I thought I heard sinn fhèin, but wasn’t positive. I also heard an seo but didn’t get what was before it.

      I’m hoping to meet Gillebride when I’m in Scotland next month.


    • So it is, Laurie! This is why I should never try to translate one of my newer languages late at night or before my first morning coffee! Now I need to go rewatch to see if he says sibh or sinn! Thanks for the catch!

      • ‘s e do bheatha! Tapadh leatsa – I really appreciate you gals doing the hard work, weeks ahead of when I’ll see the episode 🙂

  2. Check your FB other folder. 🙂

    Of course, if there’s not a message from me there, I just sent a blabby nerd message to a random Outlander fan.

  3. I also heard (and forget now exactly where) ‘s math sin! Interestingly, it’s the origin for the English phrase “smashing”!

  4. During the speech I also heard “– sam bith” very clearly just after Murtagh said that Colum was hoping everyone would enjoy the festivities or something along those lines. Probably the missing word was “duine” of “duine sam bith” (everyone).

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