Disturbance in the Outlander Force – Scotland Day 8

So, today’s post will be a bit brief. Started the day with a bit of a lie-in. Candida was sleeping off her travel and I was grateful for the chance to catch up on some sleep as well. Finally up and at them, I repacked my suitcase for the second half of the trip. It’s been really great to be able to leave my big suitcase at Susan’s and just take what I need on the road. I feel a bit guilty for taking a big bag of laundry with me too.

Today, Candida and I are headed down to southwest Scotland to Wigtown. What is in Wigtown, you might ask? Deborah Firth of Hillcrest House has organized and offered to host a ‘mini’ Outlander fan gathering. The gathering may be small and select, but I expect the fun will be supersized. And how often do you get to stay in an award-winning B&B with friends and spend an entire weekend enjoying each other’s company.

Ready to be there already, Candida and I carried our stuff down the stairs and tossed it into the car. We admired the mostly sunny skies and speculated on how many weather changes we would drive through on our way to Wigtown. We decided to go by a more scenic route than the motorway since we were not pressed for time. Starting to feel a bit hungry though, we did stop for a bit of lunch in Ayr. After one false start (we walked into a pub that didn’t serve food), we found a great little Italian cafe. I really love how most restaurants here are small and intimate. I’ve not been in one yet that felt anything other than warm and cozy. I started with a pot of tea and some goat cheese fritters. For my meal, I chose the macaroni and cheese and Candida had spaghetti bolognaise.

Sure enough though, by the time we had finished our meal, it was raining, so we dashed back to the car beneath Candida’s Burberry umbrella. Thank goodness she was more prepared than I was. I hadn’t even remembered to bring my phone in to take pictures. Back in the car, we continued to wind our way through villages, countryside and weather changes. At one point, we even encountered hail! The terrain is very different in this part of Scotland; much more rolling hills and forests, a great change from the highlands of last week.

Finally, about 4 pm we pulled into Wigtown. Just as I was telling Candida that we needed to stop so I could find our final destination on the Sat Nav, we passed a sign for Station Rd. Remembering that from the directions, we quickly made the turn and within 2 minutes were parked in the drive of Hillcrest House. Hearing us arrive, Deborah and Luanne came spilling out of the house and much hugging and squeeing ensued. Within just a few more moments, Deb’s husband Andrew had whisked away our bags and we were happily ensconced in the parlor sipping tea and coffee. Much conversation and chatting (and a few pictures) occurred over the next several hours as we awaited the last arrival of the day, Sheila.

Once, our party was complete, we headed into the dining room to enjoy the most excellent dinner that Deb had prepared. Have I not mentioned that Deb is also a very accomplished chef? I’m telling you, it is very nice to have a friend with such awesome talent! We spent the next hour enjoying beef stew, crusty bread and Prosecco (a first for me). After dinner, we adjourned once again to the parlour to enjoy a couple of hours of special television.

Television over with for the evening, we each adjourned to our rooms for the night to rest up for the rest of the weekend’s adventures. I had to take just a moment to squee as Deb had given me the room that Diana Gabaldon stayed in when she was here in August. Hmm, I wonder if any of her talent rubbed off on the pillows?

Anyway, that’s all for now. I didn’t take a lot of pictures today, but I promise to do better tomorrow! Deb has promised standing stone and scones! Can it get any better than that?

Slàn leat an-dràsta! (goodbye for now)




4 thoughts on “Disturbance in the Outlander Force – Scotland Day 8

  1. Having such fun reading your posts!!! Watched live streaming of Celtic Colours last night from Pt. Hawkes. Gaelic singers, the Campbells of Greep (from Skye), sang some lively tunes. Theme was families so Ashley and Wendy played and step-danced together. Spent the whole time wishing you could have gotten word to Adhamh. CC is streaming one show a night at either 7 or 7:30.

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