GreatScot! Sunshine and Palms…Wait! Am I Still in Scotland? 2nd Outlandish Adventure Day 7

Today I woke up to a lovely sunny morning. My hotel room overlooks the River Clyde and the Glasgow Science Center.

After admiring the view, I set off with my companion for the days adventure. I had consulted with Susan Brown, tour guide extraordinaire, for the perfect day trip for a sunny Scottish day and she suggested Culzean Castle, so we jumped in the car and away we went. Culzean was just over an hour’s drive through motorways, highways and rural roads.

Arriving at the Castle, I again used my National Trust for Historic Preservation membership from the US to get into a National Trust for Scotland property. That is looking like the best $20 I ever spent as I have already saved about $36 in visits to just 2 properties. Once that was done, we made our way through the country park towards the Castle car park.

First up was tea and coffee. I have learned through my travels that any Castle is best tackled with plenty of caffeine, so we popped into the cafe at the visitor centre for a quick cuppa…and a scone. Thus fortified, we made our way back along the walking path, through throngs of small school children accompanied by teachers who are way braver than I am, to the Castle itself.

Culzean Castle is similar to many castles in Scotland in that it has been modernized several times during its history. Although foundations and parts are old, much of what you see is that 18th century creation of renowned architect Robert Adam and he did a simply stunning design. The house and  gardens are just spectacular.

After the more posh parts of the Castle, we descended the stairs into the nether regions and it was just like stepping into Downton Abbey as we entered the surprisingly bright kitchens.

Finished with the castle proper, we ventured outside to explore a bit of the grounds. Someone might have told me stories of climbing up the rocks on the back side of the Castle to get in as a child. 😉

Our visit complete, we hopped back in the car and returned to Glasgow, well pleased with our day in the country.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventures.

Slàn leat an-dràsta!

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