Wait…that didn’t sound like Jamie? Who is Seumas Ruadh?

Outlander Character Names in Gàidhlig

So, now that many of us have seen episode 101 of Outlander (crossing fingers that EVERYONE will be able to see it soon), we have had our first chance to really appreciate the Gàidhlig language use in the show. (See my previous blog posts for more about the Gàidhlig in episode 101).

I thought it might be useful to point out that the Outlander character names are different in Gàidhlig than in English. This means that when addressed in Gàidhlig, we will not hear the names to which we are all so accustomed.

To help, I have created the following cheat sheet. I am providing my own pronunciation guides, so I will apologize in advance for them not being up to Àdhamh’s standards. I hope to remedy that eventually but he’s a busy lad at the moment.

Update: Hey! Guess Àdhamh found a spare moment, or my representations were really bad. The post is now updated with his pronunciation representations.

This list will likely grow over time, but let’s start with the biggies for now.


Jamie :      Seumas //SHAMEuss/ sometimes Seamus Ruadh //SHAMEuss ROOa/

Colum:      Calum /colum/

Dougal:     Dùghall /doool/

Murtagh : Murchadh /MOORAchugh/ ch as “loch”/ This is a hard one. Here is a link to an audio clip. Note only the first part is Murchadh, the second part is a last name, MacBhriain.

Rupert:     Ràibeart  /RAAbursht/

Claire:       Sorcha /SAWRucha/

I hope this little list will help you pick out whom is being addressed in Gàidhlig! Happy viewing.

15 thoughts on “Wait…that didn’t sound like Jamie? Who is Seumas Ruadh?

  1. Thanks for the translations… it is so very helpful to really understand what is being said, especially when you watch episode 1 again… and again… and again! Canice from Alaska.

  2. Thank you, for posting translations. My sons’ name is Seamus, and a lot of people stumble over his name. However, I am seeing more people who say, ohhh I know that name, Scottish right?
    On that note, the name predates Scotland back to Persia I’m told.

  3. When Murtagh saves Claire by the bridge he says to her: Druide. I thought I heard the word again later on in the show meaning – come. Am I correct in this assumption?

  4. Séamus is Irish, Murtagh is Irish. Colm and Sorcha too. Most are Irish in origin. These are names you will hear in Ireland…are they to be found in the Scottish Highlands too? No disrespect intended towards Scots Gaelic. 🙂

    • According to Àdhamh, there are only about 700 words different between Irish and Scottish Gaelic. Colum is actually an Irish spelling though. It would have been more typically Calum in Scotland. Diana has decided there was some Irish blood in the MacKenzies of Leoch. 😉

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Mandy love your translations but from something Sam said seumas ruadh would translate as jamie red or in otherwords red jamie ( hair being red)

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