Updated 8/18/14 Outlander Episode 102: Castle Leoch – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

OK. This episode was a bit harder to decipher (and I had company, so I couldn’t run it back and listen again as much yet). With only the Punishment Scene clip to do some prep work on, this first post is going to be a bit light until I watch again a few times, but here is what I have so far.

As always, these are my best guesses unless tagged confirmed by Àdhamh.

By the way, did anyone else hear the lovely strains of Loch Lomond in the score while Dougal is play sword fighting with Hamish? I love what Bear McCreary is doing!


Arrival at Leoch

4:06  Mrs. Fitz to the returning Highlanders

Sin sibh – There you all are! (Confirmed by Àdhamh)

Bandaging Scene

14:46 Jamie to Claire during the bandaging scene

a gràidh  – love  (I’m sure it’s just a general endearment, right? 😉 ) (Àdhamh doesn’t remember for sure but thinks it likely)


It’s not Gàidhlig but I love the way Gary Lewis says Rhenish at dinner! Makes me want a bottle.


31:27  Mrs. Fitz muttering to herself

Mo chreach ‘s a thàinig – oh my ruin, a colloquialism for ‘aw naw’ (Àdhamh confirmed)


33:07 Not getting much of this scene at all, but I think Jamie says:

Gabh air do shochair – Take it easy! (Thanks to @SeonagAnna on Twitter)

a gràidh – love (but to the horse or to Claire? Who knows?) (Àdhamh says Sam likes to use this word. His favorite, remember. 😉)

33:18 Auld Alec to Jamie

a leisgean òglaich – lazy young man (Thanks to Drldeboer)

37:25 Jamie to Old Alec

a bhodach – old man

Punishment Scene

45:54 Jamie to stop Leoghaire’s punishment

Stadadh  a-nis – Stop now.

46:35 Jamie when he makes everyone laugh

Didn’t catch all of the Gàidhlig words but it included:

Agus geall crìochnaich air an fheasgar bhriagh seo  – And I’ll promise you a far better end to this lovely evening (Confirmed by Àdhamh)

 46:48 Colum to Jamie when deciding to allow the switch in punishment victims

Seumas Ruadh – Red Jamie (Confirmed)

46:58 Jamie to Colum when choosing fists over the strap (All confirmed by Àdhamh)

Ràibeart – Rupert

Dùirn – fists

Strac – strap

OK. That’s what I have after the first couple of viewings. If I pick out anything more, I’ll be sure to let you know!

41 thoughts on “Updated 8/18/14 Outlander Episode 102: Castle Leoch – The Gàidhlig Bits I Could Decipher

    • It’s actually Seaumais Ruaidh – Red Jacob. This was a discussion to prove whether Jamie was a MacKenzie. Colum is stating that Jamie is the grandson of Red Jacob – Colum and Dougal’s father, therefore a MacKenzie and able to take part in this beating of the slut.

  1. To my astonishment, I caught that when Jamie said “love” and I was thinking WTH? At least I was right and not imagining it!

  2. Haven’t seen ep 2 yet (Canadian, eh), but to me, “seall sibh” would seem more like “look at you (all)” I can imagine Mrs Fitz clicking her tongue & shaking her head at the sight of them

  3. Reblogged this on Candida's Musings and commented:
    Mandy comes through again with her Gàidhlig translations for Outlander Episode #102. Would you like to know what Jamie whispers to Claire when he’s comforting her by the fireplace. Read her blog for a good sigh.

  4. Are you sure he called Claire “love” because when I turned the closed caption on it said he was saying “Don’t cry” which makes sense as cry does sound like the Gaelic word for love, no? I just don’t know if they would make Jamie go that far when he hasn’t even gotten to the point of calling Claire by her given name yet.

      • Yeah that’s true because someone was saying the captions said Murtagh was saying “Druid!” when he rescues Claire.

  5. Bless your heart for doing this! I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out the Gaelic using various online Gaelic dictionaries– not easy when the letters bear no relation to the pronounced word (to a Sassenach ear, at least. 😀). To wit: that “truit” that both Murtagh and Dougal command in episode 101. I guessed from the context that it meant “come” or “let’s go” but couldn’t figure it our from the dictionaries.

  6. Gasta, tapadh leat!!! I’m fairly sure in stable auld Alec called Jamie “a leisgean òglaich” (sp?) lazy young man, roughly the book’s “idle young bastard.” And more of Jamie’s horse commands & endearments, trying to fetch spelling, agree that gràdh was one of them!

  7. This is fascinating! I was so proud of myself for catching “Seumas Ruadh” and I remembered ‘a graidh’ (from L.A. –Sam’s fave), but also wondered if he was addressing Claire or the horse….probably the horse? You’re doing a great job with this!!

  8. Thank you so much for these posts, Mandy! It’s my favorite thing to read after I’ve watched the episode.

    Can you share a rough pronunciation for Mrs. Fitz’s “Mo chreach ‘s a thàinig”? It’s so low, I can’t quite catch the pronunciation while watching. 🙂

    Thanks again!

  9. Love the translations! I’m new to outlander so…yeah…lol.. I’ve noticed Jamie using he word for “love” a lot, even in those early days before the wedding. I took it to mean that since Jamie was practically in love with Claire the moment he saw her, he called her love and since she didn’t know Gaeilge, he was safe in doing so.

  10. Oh my, now that I have found your wonderful site I am compelled to watch it from begining to end yet again! It will be a treat to know what is being said. Thank you.

  11. Hi Mandy, I have re-watched these eps so many times but have always been curious to know what Jamie means by a word which sounds like “smashee” He says it in S1 Ep 2 & in the Lallybroch ep when he comes in the bedroom drunk. Have U any idea please. I followed your translation in the past but never thought to ask. You seem do a great job handling the Gaelic translations. Thank you.

  12. In the stable scene (episode 2) Jamie mutters something after the horse knocks him down and he throws his sling. Any idea what that is? I’ve heard it before and was wondering.

  13. Please, what does “prù-siuch” mean?

    I actually say this to my cats and dog, and they seem to love it! LOL!! But in have NO CLUE what I’m saying.

  14. I feel like Claire when the others speak Gaidhlig around her: left out. In episode 2/season 1 Colum is hearing complaints. When Jamie goes before the court, I cannot find a translation for his comments. And I have searched all I know to. Any suggestion?

  15. I know I’m way late to your party, but a word Jamie uses s1 e2 when talking about taking Laoghaire’s punishment. The word/words sound like “smashee”. Anyone have any idea what I’m talking about, please?

  16. I was really hoping you had caught what Colum said to the two neighbors having a dispute over a cow. Geillis didn’t translate that for Claire and Claire said “I have a feeling it’d be lost in translation”.

  17. There’s a scene where he is talking to Mrs Fitz and the subtitles say “top of life” but it sounds like he’s saying “tapadh leat” (thank you) which makes more sense to the scene

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