Outlander Episode 101 – More Gàidhlig bits

If you missed my first post last week covering episode 101: Sassenach, you can find it here. However, after—uh hem—several more viewings, I have managed to pick out just a few more tidbits of Gàidhlig from the inaugural episode of Outlander.

7:55 The phrase that Mrs. Baird says about Saint Odhran


Several people have asked me what that first bit of Gàidhlig we hear is right after Claire hears the gunshot. It appears to be something that Angus yells at the Redcoats right before firing at them. I’m happy to say that it has finally been identified! As might be expected, it’s not very complimentary of the soldiers. 😉

41:00 Angus fires gun and yells at the Redcoats

“A bhalgair” /ə VALAgir/ (ya bastard!) (filthy cur, really)

Thanks to @VenusOctober for asking Àdhamh about this one when Murtagh brings Claire into the cottage (44:35):


52:31 Jamie to Dougal about the ambush

I can’t catch the exact words but there is something about lass and redcoats. 🙂

53:19 Someone sees the Redcoats and yells

Shaighdearan – soldiers ( I think this is correct but not confirmed.)

54:30 Jamie to the horse

Stad! – stay! (Be sure to admire Sam’s nice plaid twirl)

56:16 Jamie to Claire to drink the whisky

deoch – drink

OK. That’s all I have to add at this point. If I decipher anything else, I’ll be sure to update.

Thanks to the free preview for episode 101, I was able to live tweet a bit of the Gàidhlig during the premiere Saturday night. Unfortunately though, I won’t have that advantage going forward, so you will have to come to the blog to find out about the Gàidhlig.

22 thoughts on “Outlander Episode 101 – More Gàidhlig bits

  1. Love this … Thanks!! How is it that Frank understood Mrs. Baird’s Gaelic line about the St. Odhrain? I didn’t think he spoke Gaelic … is the saying that famous in the highlands? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for finding out what Angus yelled. It sounded like “aVAHLagahr”. At least I was close on understanding the sounds.

  3. Mòran taing for posting my tweets & for more translations!
    Have you seen the preview for episode 102? Another big scene in Gàidhlig 😀 I look forward to more posts!

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  5. What about the word that Murtaugh says to Claire when he saves her in Episode 1. Maybe “let’s go” or “come with me” or something. Sounds like Dougal says it again when they get on the horses to leave.

    And when Jamie calls to Dougal to stop so he can warn him about ambush, sounds like he say ha-gul instead of dougal.

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  7. As Murtagh walks through the door with Claire, Rupert says “Dè thug thu a-staigh a-nis, a Mhurchaidh?” “What did you bring in now, Murtagh? (or What have you brought in now?)

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